Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blood May Be Thicker, But We'd Die Without Water ... just sayin'

you know this is true. ... and I'm saying this because I'm kinda frustrated right now.

( read: that's  a really sweet soft nice way of describing when someone with a long fuse like me starts getting angry- whereas short fused people would have already been wilin out and GONE.)

This surprise trip to Macau tomorrow is just the most recent example of ... the "new choice" ... fly by the seat of your pants"... etc. etc. stuff here that I am ...growing tired of.

Thinking on your feet is an important skill to have in your arsenal of human talents.
but it should not be your  regular "go to". Sure back in the day of the caveman yeah, but not today.

Not even when you are living in a foreign country - not when you are being HOSTED by the natives.

I'm going to drag my 140 lb body out on a limb and say something heavy here:
My boss has no idea what she's doing.

She's never run a school ( or "training center") before. She has never hosted foreigners before. She and her husband apparently used to have another business somewhere in China but it didn't work out, it didn't last. She has no Marketing Department here at the school ( because the Chinese salary is so low and she is difficult to work with - from what my Chinese co-workers have told me). We STILL don't have a second foreign teacher.

Studying abroad in college ( like she did) and living and working in a foreign country are two DIFFERENT things. If you are the principal of a school and you are HOSTING foreigners in YOUR country - you are the one who should know the rules and laws of your own country and check in to make sure that the foreigner is abiding by those laws (and ... maybe even help them setup their home internet or at least check in and ask how it is going).

I thought we had cleared everything up going to Hong Kong last month ... getting my visa "fixed" so that it was multiple entry and I could come and go for the next 6 months. But NO apparently I can come and go ... BUT  not completely on my own terms. I still have to leave once  every 30 days. I did not realize this until today , and I'm about 10 days late. If there's a little fee- my boss and I have already said that we will split the cost. Even though I am the guest. Even though I truly thought that I was set for the next 6 months and coould come and go as I please.

*SIGH* It's very hard for me to take my boss seriously as a boss when she has no idea what she's doing ... and as time goes by more and more, seems to be so self centered and careless. It's hard for me to take anyone like that very seriously.

There are a lot of people in China - and yes, you should look out for yourself and your family.
But I think the world becomes a sad... sad... place if we don't consider and look out for the people in our COMMUNITY. Our extended, non "blood-related" family. Our church family, our book club family, our improv team family, our co-worker family, etc. etc...

I feel like ( and I've read that this is true too) business relationships rarely become personal in China. It's very - sterile. The interaction is intended to benefit both sides and both walk away getting approximately what they want. But there's... something missing ... and it's not like I was hanging out all the time with my co-workers at my old job back in NYC ... but it's just a different feeling.

It's like everything is for the MONEY. We had our Halloween Party at the Foshan Golf Club, with 99% of the reason being that it could potentially attract new families to our school. Meanwhile - our center was decorated really cute for Halloween -- and all that decorating was pretty much done in vain.

I'm not all about MONEY. The majority of the time, I don't DO things for the money. Am I wrong or right? Should I care more about money? I care about being happy ... but I get that in a lot of different ways... not just through money.

I AM about relationships, community outreach, arts n crafts, singing, unsung heroes, creativity, animals, traveling, ... accidentally making money from tapping into your creativity and making/writing/creating something awesome...

I can't live in a sterile environment. It's time for the world to take off the gloves and get dirty.
Start caring about people outside of your gene pool. More importantly, at least realize that they matter.

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