Friday, November 4, 2011

Hungry for More. *nom nom nom chomps on a book*

Thinking about "The Babysitter's Club" after that last post.

I wish "The Hunger Games" was as long as "The Babysitter's Club" -- AND I wish it had a "Little Sister" series version ( remember like Karen - Kristy's Little Stepsister had !!!????). PRIM could have her own series .... ( a kind of prequeal series -  with her as the narrator .... leading up to the "Mockingjay" book.)

*SIGH* I just enjoy really good books with great characters and it's sad when they come to an end. I think a lot of people feel this way. That's probably why/how all of the "fan fiction" for different tv series, book series, etc. started to pop up. People can't let go of ..... these "other worlds" that they become emotionally invested in.

One of my childhood best friends, Joy (aka Carissa DiMargo - I'm one of the handful of people - maybe 8 in the world who call her "Joy") and I used to go to the mall on weekends with her mom. We would go to "Waldenbooks" - before Barnes & Noble took over the world- and look for the LATEST BSC book. Drinking our pink lemonade and eating hot dogs at the place in the food court. It's funny actually, I think the ONLY other book characters/events that I have ever dreamed about ( besides that dream I had a few months ago about "The Hunger Games" being a REAL thing... and Beijing being "The Capitol") were things involving the BSC back in the day.

I remember I had one dream and it was SPECIFICALLY about Adam Pike. Adam, Byron, and Jordan were Mallory Pike's triplet brothers ... but I remember, God knows why, this dream was just about HIM.

I heard a rumor that Ann M. Martin didn't really write all of the BSC books. She originated the idea for the series --- but I think at one point a lot of them were written by "ghost writers" at Scholastic. Which would explain whyyyyy "Dawn" was a "vegetarian" .... and yet she ordered "CHICKEN" instead of "SPAGHETTI" on the airplane during the flight to California in the "SuperSpecial #5 - California Here We Come" or whatever it's called... when she takes the BSC to visit her dad in California. It would also explain the variation in Mallory Pike's hair color description - sometimes "brown" .... MOST times "red".

Maybe I'm being a little nerdy about this -- but it just goes to show that these details STICK when you're a 10-11 yr old.

I need to order something new to read online and ship it to my parents house and then have them ship it to me here in China. Yes- I still REFUSE to give in to the whole "Kindle", "online reading" or whatever you want to call those.... computerized/ sanitized... "books" (aka: still jut computer screens) evolution that's going on. I'm not on board with that yet. I enjoy the texture of hard cover vs. soft cover.  I enjoy the colors and variety of paper texture in each book. I even enjoy the smell of books .... especially those old books that you find in your basement that have a smell that's a combination of mildew and memories and ... love. I can't give that up.

ESPECIALLY children's books..... CHILDREN'S BOOKS are 95% about the illustrations .... and each artist is so different from the other. Look at "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs" or "The Little Engine That Could" or "The Berenstain Bears Book Series" ... take away the drawings... put them on a computer ... and they are just ... CARTOONS. VIDEOS.

I will give my books to used book stores. I will recycle my books. But to me, a "book" will always be a "book.... ...and a "computer screen" will always be a "computer screen".

( SIDENOTE: I truly had no idea that this entry would turn into this rant... I originally intended to post some cute QQ messages from Lisa here... but clearly this hunger for  REAL books was more pressing!!!!)

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