Tuesday, November 29, 2011

little victories, big smiles. :)))))))))))))))))

I feel like, when you have a really good day.... in a lot of little ways ... you should celebrate it just as much as those really good days that happen for ONE BIG AWESOME reason. :)

so here are a lot of little reasons why today was a really good day ...

. I got over my awful 24 hr flu from yesterday ( ran the full gamut of symptoms had everything - started with coughing, then a sore throat - fever/chills, nausea, vomiting, finally ending with a killer headache.)

. I got my WIRELESS INTERNET hooked up in MY APARTMENT ( I'm here... right now! It's 2am... Starbucks would have kicked me out/closed two hours ago.)

. I found REAL Orange Juice ( not "Orange Drink") in the supermarket today ... sooooo good.

. idownloaded the iHandy Translator Pro to my iphone so that now Lisa and I can communicate anytime/anywhere/ outside of work with text messages instead of QQ ( she doesn't have access to her QQ account right now - at her new job or at her friends apt that she's staying at in Guangzhou currently)

AND I realized that I can access TUMBLR from my computer with this new connection. So I will be cutting and pasting these old Blogspot posts and MOVING BACK to the TUMBLR neighborhood .... coming HOME! ( I've really missed .... the "newsfeed" and "the gifs" ... regularly catching up with my friends blogs... and EVERYTHING about Tumblr).  I haven't set much up over there yet but I am 99.9% sure my new tumblr address will be katyschinaadventureS.tumblr.com ( adventures with an "s").

also randomly: finding real orange juice makes me crave toast. I think I might have to buy a toaster.

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