Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Popped In The Eye By A Heart Shaped Balloon ... it must be love.

OK - so at this point I'm 90% sure that my gas-constipation- lower abdominal pain is of my own doing.

I took the advice of "Nancy" here and have been drinking more water, making sure to eat my veggies, and  have basically stayed away from cheese and/or making grilled cheese sandwiches all this week.

However - I've been drinking caffeine and I've been putting sichuan chili sauce in the noodle dishes I've been making for dinner the past two nights ... soooooo.... that might be why I'm not back to 100% and still feel a little cramping/pain. But the bloating is DEFINITELY gone.

I feel like whatever the health issue is though ...  when you are living abroad (specifically in Asia/Africa/The Middle East) it's magnified and/or exaggerated a thousand percent. The language barrier, the types of medications available (they don't have Tylenol or Advil  or any real type of over the counter pain medication like that here in China - they don't even have ANBESOL ... you know THIS stuff  http://www.anbesol.com/baby/index.asp - I remember when Yoyo was teething, my TA Dona gave Yoyo a similar kind that she had brought with her from Uzbekistan, for her own daughter who had also been teething ... and Yoyo LOVED it. That is GOOD stuff), the kinds of services available, your health insurance ....

Back in July, my boss had a little birthday party for her daughter Yoyo who turned 1 yr old on July 15th. We had the party at our school and I was helping to blow up the balloons. We had a few of those little hand held pumps to blow them up - along with our mouths.

I was using my mouth to blow up this little RED HEART SHAPED balloon ( not realizing that the red heart shaped ones were smaller than the "regular" ones that we also had). I didn;t know my own strength and blew too much, too hard, and popped myself in my left eye with the balloon. ( I think this miiiiight have been a metaphor - a FOREWARNING of the LOVE that was about to unexpectedly EXPLODE into my life. Only a week or so later was when I started to fall for Lisa)

My boss, trying to literally "save face" ... or "give me face" ( what it's called when you try to cover up someone else's shame) said that it was "good luck"... that I was "the lucky one" ...  but all I could do was try to just stay in the moment.  My eye was tearing ( naturally flusing itself out, taking care of itself), I put a few cold compresses on it, and observed it. No bruising around the eye. No broken blood vessels in the eye. I did a little "Self-Assessment" and all signs pointed to "everything will be ok"

and everything was ok ... but in the moment it was scary (and embarrassing).

In other news, after finishing The Hunger Games last month,
I have been hemming and hawing about what to read next. I wire transferred some money to my US Bank account to pay my credit card and student loan bill and still had some money leftover. So I bought two little "Christmas Gifts" for myself. A book & A pair of sandals.

I wanted to start reading this http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0439678137/ref=cm_cr_asin_lnk     
but I thought it was too soon. I was worried that it wouldn't live up to THG and I would constantly be comparing it to everything in THG and wind up disappointed. So maybe I'll read it in the future... but not just yet.

I finally decided on this http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0738713708 . "Lament: The Faerie Queen's Deception". I like fantasy/YA books  specifically themes dealing with survival of the fittest, time travel, ghosts, ordinary people with extraordinary abilities/powers, oddities in science/medicine... with a dash of love/love story mixed in. I'm hoping that this will be good. The reviews seem pretty good. I like when a reviewer goes in skeptical about the book, but then concludes that he/she was SO wrong and was blown out of the water with the book's awesomeness.

I'm NOT interested things like "The Lord Of The Rings", "Twilight" or Vampires - in general. ( Nope. Never even a BTVS fan - despite "Faith's mom" - Judy Dushku being a Government professor at my university and meeting Eliza Dushku at Judy's 60th bday party. Her brothers and stepfather and a bunch of people were there... it was a nice casual fun little dinner/party at "The ( good ol') Red Hat" )

while I was searching for new books I discovered the Goodreads.com website. I think I've been living under the last emperor's tomb or something here though... because it looks like I am the last one to discover this treasure. Can I tell you HOW MUCH I appreciate the little "SPOILER ALERT" memos that are posted before certain book reviews ?!!! ... lets you know that you are entering into dangerous territory at your OWN RISK where at ANY MOMENT the books conclusion could blow up in your face and destroy any and all reasons for you wanting or needing to read the book in the first place.

AND  yes, in addition to a new book I ALSO ordered these http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004TUHUE6/ref=ox_ya_os_product .

I downloaded the season of "Samantha Brown's: Asia" from the Travel Channel and these reflexology sandals were featured in the episode where she took a trip to Singapore. I've had a reflexology treatment once before. Halfway through, I fell asleep on the table but then I felt so much more energized afterward. Plus, going back to what I was saying before about health in foreign countries ... I will take all of the natural help that I can get! I will make sure to keep you all updated on how these feel and how they impact my life here.... who knows? maybe they will improve my overall chi and help me to graduate to next level walking... walking in more challenging situations.... like on nails or hot coals? ;)

I wanted to post a QQ message that Lisa wrote to me two days ago. I saved it in Microsoft Word on my work computer but I forgot to email it to myself. I'll have to post it next time. She's been tired... training a lot in Guangzhou ... but she seems to like her job ... there are a lot of "celebrities" that will be coming to the car show that's happening this month. She also talked about looking forward to the day when "we can settle in New York ...." I look forward to that day too.

In the meantime, I am just trying to keep "having my own little adventures" here - and learning more Mandarin and Cantonese .... and to keep a level head and look out for myself. I feel like mentally I am in a much better space than I was when Lisa was working alone in the Marketing department at my school and I knew that any day, she would be leaving. I don't know what the future holds .... but not knowing doesn't drive me crazy anymore. I feel like we are both on the right path ... we are each doing what we have to do for ourselves ... and that's a good first step for any two people before coming together.

Yes, I was unexpectedly popped in the eye by a heart shaped balloon. But it's all good.
I can still see clearly...

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  1. You should check out a friend's website: www.silentlair.net she's an author and has two books published. One is a book of poetry that has some spelling mistakes in it that her editor didn't catch and one is a suspenseful-action packed fiction novel. The links to buy both books on her website.