Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful. Grateful. ( and HUNGRY for T'giving FOOD!!!)

After having a "not so great" yesterday

(dealing with a bad sinus/PMS? headache and also encountering a slight frustration with my boss - me needing some clarifications on this "marketing/teaching" course that we are doing at a school outside of our school two Thursdays per month, 2 different classes, each 45 min long - using completely different software- not Best Learning stuff)

I tried to make sure that today would truly be " another day..." a better day. Today was/is Thanksgiving, I didn't want to be feeling irritable, ungrateful, etc.

For me, waking up early and "getting there" ( "there" usually means "to work" or "rehearsal" or wherever I need to be) earlier than everyone else .... is the best way to start things off on the best foot.
So I got up, showered and dressed by 11am ( I know, in most parts of the world that's already 2 hours too late, but I worked from 1:30pm to 9:30pm tonight) and went out and got myself a nice "Cafe Americano" at Starbucks and 3 Portuguese egg tarts  (click on the link HERE to see them ) and took myself and my breakfast and went to the office.

When I got there I was about 1 hr and 30 min early. So I checked email, QQ, etc .... and I found two emails that immediately added to the warmth and goodness that I was feeling. Both my Mom and Dad and Aunt Joan had sent me Thanksgiving emails. It was still Wednesday in the USA when they sent them, but they knew that it was Thursday on my side of the world and rather than waiting until their Thanksgiving, they sent me some LOVE on mine. 

Here they are below. 

Dear Katy,
Thinking of you today. It is Thursday , Thanking for you. Itis Wed here and it is 3.15pm now I'm heading to work for a meeting and Dad is working this evening.
Weare both off tomorrow and will be up at Aunt Joans about 1pm, eating around 2pm. Im bring the apple pie some fudge that Aunt Doris made, the pickles,olives,
crandberry sauce,celery sharpe chedder cheese slice granny apple and oh yes don't the creamed onions!! I wish we could bring YOU!!!!
Kate when you come, we willdo it all again with YOU..I read the nice to everyone that you sent. That was so nice. I am working Christmas eve and the night of
the 25th. Dad and Greg will go down to Marys on Christmas day after Joan and Annie leave here. Probably around 3p.m. I will take a nap while there gone.
It's all GOOD. Grandma would say " Your station in Life"'. The place doesn't close down. Who knows, Maybe I'll bring some JOY to them!!?!
  I love you a BIG BUNCH and  so thankful for YOU!!  BOOP BOOP BOOP!!
Love you,
Happy Thanksgiving!! This is our first one without You, Greg,and Pumpkin too.
We ll be with The Girls and Frank at Joans.
I doubt the Chinese celebrate Thanksgiving;but I m sure you ll Have a Good Meal and a wonderful time with Friends.
Glad to hear that your in the Hall of Fame at starbucks! Sounds like Greg when he ate 15 hot wings in something like three minutes.
I think they put his picture and name up in the bar at Highpoint N.C.
WE will be thankful for all we have as we celebrate this Thanksgiving.We will also remember all those who have gone before us: who were so instrumental in our lives.
May the roads rise up to met you
and the wind be always at your back
may the sun shine warm upon your face
the rain fall soft upon your  fields
and may God hold you in the Palm of his hand;until we meet again.
Have a glorious day !!!

Dear Katy,  Thanks for your email and Thanksgiving good wishes.  Wishes you also a very blessed day!!!  Your Friday night with Jenny's family sounds like a great way to celebrate the day. 
We're having Thanksgiving here this year.  It will be your mom and dad, Frank, Aunt Annie and me.  Aunt Annie is doing the decorations.  Your mom is bring lots of food--cider, appetizers, creamed onions, gravy, rolls, cranberry jelly, pickles, olives, celery and apple pie.  Uncle Frank is getting cooked Turkey breast from Hannafords,  I'll make the stuffing, turnip, mashed white potatoes, string beans, pumpkin pie.  Of course,  all the end stuff--Ice cream, strawberries, whipped cream and coffee. 
Doris and Eileen  will be in Palisades.  Barbara and her family will visit George at the Nursing Home.  I'm sure that Michael, Barbara and Joseph will stop in to visit Doris and Eileen before they head home.
Your vacation to N. Thailand at the end of January souls wonderful!!  
Have a Great Day!!!  Yours is almost here.   Love and prayers,  Aunt Joan

"I read the nice (email) that you sent to everyone ... that was so nice" LOL. Yes, there ARE some spelling/grammar mistakes, but you understand the email. Really, my parents have only been emailing regularly for the past 7 months now ... so they've definitely come a long way - they even include CAPS and EXCLAMATION POINTS to STRESS MEANING !!! ( sometimes) :) 

The "May The Road Rise To Meet You" poem that my dad added at the end is a very traditional Irish blessing. When my mom says "the place doesn't close down" she's talking about the Dutchess County Jail. Yes, apparently she will be in jail on Christmas. But she's a NURSE ... and that's where she WORKS part time. She used to work in a nursing home and then she did home care for some time... but her current "station in life" - is prison. :) It's funny too because my mom is not a "gangsta" ... really. My mom is not "hardcore" .... and at only about 130 lbs she's not physically overwhelming either. But she's got a very strong interior. She has lots of inner strength and energy and she's spiritual .... and just shares her love and kindness and her little "helpful hints from Hannah" as my dad likes to call them. She's not there to judge anyone or make anyone there feel any worse than they already do. 

So needless to say - these emails MADE my day. I am SO THANKFUL to have these people in my life. To call them MY FAMILY. It made me miss them but at the same time made me so grateful and happy. Then the day got better - the "outside class" that we held at the public school went well, my Pre-K1 class went well - we had a little breakthrough too because 3 yr old "Brittany" who NEVER speaks ... she speaks very softly and very rarely both in English and Chinese. She has no behavioral issues but I don't know if she might have sort of developmental speech delay. Even one of her little classmates Nathan who is also 3 yrs old has noticed and according to my TA who translated for me, Nathan told little Ashley who was trying to talk to Brittany the other day - in Chinese- "she doesn't speak, don't talk to her"  
BUT TODAY Brittany was smiling and seemed to be enjoying herself. We spent most of the day learning about animals and colors and when we were learning about COLORS Brittany said repeatedly and very loud and clear "YELLOW, YELLOW, YELLOW!" So... this was really great. Maybe she's felt very shy and that's why she's been holding back? I don't know. But it was surprising and a real treat to hear her speak so clearly today.

It is 11:30pm here on Thanksgiving right now.... so it is 10:23am on Thanksgiving morning in the USA. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is probably on tv right now. I hope that you are all STARTING TO EAT!!!! ( or at least snack while you're starting to cook). I will be celebrating and having a little party tomorrow night - 4 yr old "Jenny" who is in my "Pre-K3" class here and who I also tutor privately on Saturday nights, is turning "5" tomorrow and her family has invited me to a family birthday party at her father's cousin's house. It's different this year .... but I feel even more thankful for what I have, being so far away. In a strange way, I feel even closer and more happy. 

(ALSO: speaking of closer, I may finally get my internet hooked up in my apartment in DECEMBER. MY TA Dona, from Uzbekistan, her husband speaks Chinese and he's gonna talk to the cable guy. I might not even have to pay an installation fee! Now that my parents are email PROS.... I'll have to teach them about SKYPE! ;) )

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