Sunday, February 26, 2012

TRUTH. (Shanghaiist)

I've got more street cred when it comes to dealing with the CCP than this Chinese girl ( blocked out her pic/name) living in capitalist, liberal, unblocked facebook land otherwise known as Salem, Massachusetts, USA.

I really don't know why I got so fired up with this. I think it was simply the words "one truth". Those can be really dangerous words in a world made up of so many different people. Given that China is run by a "One Party" system, there may be only one truth that is preached here.... but it doesn't mean that it's the only one that exists. It's certainly not.

This post was longer than this bit I posted here. There was more commentary by other people above what "Salem" posted and yes,  it was mostly anti-CCP comments. But I jumped on commenting about what she posted. 

*SALEM* was commenting on a funny picture that Shanghaiist had posted on its FB page about the "CCP". Then she said the words "one truth" ( ummm are we living in North Korea???)  and I got fired up and then #1. a JAPANESE chick ( blocked out her name) stepped in and #2. Japanese chick started talking about TIBET.  and #3. I knew better than to get in between China/Japan craziness and I stepped away quickly and quietly ( unless SALEM starts talking nonsense about Taiwan!)

  • I am a Chinese Communist Party member. I am pride who I am and what I belong to. You say whatever you wanna say. I do not care because whatever you say cannot change the truth. People can have 1000 different opinions while there is only one truth.
    11 hours ago · 
  • Katy Lucid ummm...What is the "one truth" .... who told you it was the truth? how can we scientifically 100% accurately determine it is the "one truth"? For example- it's true that FB is banned/blocked in China, yet both you and I are in China using FB. So it's "true, but it's not true".
    9 hours ago ·  ·  2
  • Katy Lucid meaning it's not 100% true - depending on who you talk to/depending on who has a VPN code to override the block.
    9 hours ago ·  ·  1
  • Katy Lucid There are many truths. The truth that the Communist Party in China is not perfect and is not always right is DEFINITELY one of them. Beliving in a "one truth" idealogy can bring about a lot of terrible things - Hitler beileved "one truth" that nearly wiped out an entire race back in the 1940's.
    9 hours ago ·  ·  1
  • Katy Lucid also @G-------- Chen , you are a Chinese Communist Party member who lives in Salem Massachusetts apparently. What makes you a credible source? .. I'm IN China.
    9 hours ago ·  ·  2
  • @ --------- Chen has CCP EVER apologized to Tibetans?

NOTE: Shanghaiist is a really funny/good quality website that mainly posts information and news stories relating to Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. I read it pretty regularly now. It's become my "go to" for news here. They have a link to their page on Facebook.  I'm not sure where they operate out of but wherever they are, Facebook is legal ( or they have a solid VPN code). If you are in China/Taiwan/Hong Kong or are just interested in sometimes true/sometimes just funny news coming out of here, you should definitely stop by and check it out!!! :)

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