Thursday, March 22, 2012

"I am not an "angry girl" ... but it seems like I've got everyone fooled"

just following up on the "Ani DiFranco" kick I was on starting of my last entry.

*Sigh* just coming back to this with a little more clarity. I knowwww that it will all be "OK". Losing $400 ( half of my apartment deposit) sucks though. No matter how you look at it. No matter if you figure out a way to forgive and breathe and ... "understand". It still kinda sucks... right?

Today I'm breathing and forgiving and just moving forward. I am "hen dooLEE" ( very independent) in general - whether I'm in the USA or China. I know who I can depend on when I am lost or confused or need help.

For the future, I choose not to work for Best Learning. I choose not to work for Linda Lin. At this point in time I ( along with the 8-9 other former staff who used to work for her) feel that she is not a good boss.  For all of the reasons that I listed in my last entry as well as the fact that, she is not a "team player"

This year has been an "adventure" truly in SO many ways. I've been shaking my head and sighing and laughing ... but overall really enjoying it.

You can't expect to come to a foreign country and have

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