Friday, March 23, 2012

speaking in the present tense

chaotic.... unfortunate.... immature.. it's like giving birth and not knowing what your breasts or bottles are for.

That's the way it feels to me. That's the way Linda runs her school. Maybe in 2 or 3 yrs with time and experience it will be different?... better?... but for now, despite her past friendliness, it feels very disorganized. That's it. It's not "hell on earth", but it's..... disorganized... and needs a lot of help....

Funny how my principal said once during one of the staff meetings about 2-3 months ago, talking about " the marketing department, the most important part of the school" .... ( bringing in new students, more $$)

I bet she's eating her words now. We just had another staff meeting where she was talking about the "testing" that has to take place at the end of each course ( Pre-K1, Pre-K2, etc. etc.) in order for the students to graduate and "move forward".  She only recently found out about this. If students don't pass the test, the parents might worry that the students aren't learning and might not enroll them for the next year and/or go and find a different ESL school - ( big LOSS of $$ ... and potential reputation there).

Now does she appreciate teachers? ... i dunno, but if so, it's too little too late. I can't care.

I've "come down" from being angry. There's too little time left for that. ( though losing $400 any way - by accident, last minute changes of plan, etc. any way .... still sucks... )

There's always a "bell curve" with learning. You've got  a minority of kids who will score above average, a minority of kids who will score below average, and a huge wave of kids that will fall in the "average" middle area. I know that's what WILL happen with my kids. ( I can already guess who will be at either ends of the spectrum too. Some kids truly want to be here and learn, others misbehave/are forced to come by their parents, etc.).

Running a company ( business) and running a school are two completely different beasts. You need to approach them in different ways. The head of the education department in New York( I'm blanking on her name .... "Cathie .... " something)  was friends with Mayor Bloomberg.. and he got her the position because he knew her from her days as a boss running a "business". However, she lasted about 1 month running the Board of Education because .... despite her "business savvy" ... she had no idea about "the business of running a school". 

I'm going to miss my kids a lot. I know that I will keep in touch with some of them. They have sparked my own imagination and creativity and they help ME to LEARN and to see the world in new ways...

I've said before, coming to a new country- you expect some chaos and frustration .... (and these situations very often make for some funny stories to bring home! I have a great story about attempting to buy apples. Also about getting my entire face waxed- when I was really just asking for my eyebrows). But when it comes to my everyday " routine" of work, I want to work for a boss who knows what she's/he's doing and who understands the importance of education.

That's it.

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