Sunday, March 25, 2012

this is cooling faster than I can ....

If you correctly identified my little "spin" on Ani DiFranco's "Not A Pretty Girl" lyrics in one of the titles of my last posts here, you probably get the title of this post.

Whether you attended Lilith Fair, didn't attend, and/or once tried to drive to Hartford, CT in an attempt to buy scalped tickets/got lost in Trumbull, CT, pulled into a Dunkin Donuts and drove home.... ( like one of us here).

Either way, "Cooling" is Tori Amos ( and I don't think Tori ever performed at Lilith Fair).

That's the way it feels now.
It's cooling faster than I can. Everything is "closing" too soon.

Do I want to stay in Foshan for another year? No. Am I sad to leave? Yes.

The checks on the "Countdown" list are starting. I just took my last "ride on the back of the motor scooter" tonight. AKA- had my last tutoring session with Jenny. Motor scooters are actually very common, popular here in Foshan. I don't even think about seeing them, because I'm so used to it. Even 5 yr old Jenny has a little helmet and she'll ride sometimes ( usually standing - yes, not the safest option, but I've seen lots of kids here doing it- the parents don't drive them too fast). For the past few months, I've developed this ritual/routine with her father - meet him on Sunday night at 7:20pm outside Dongjian Center ( the mall where our school is located). Jump on the back of his motor scooter, drive down a few streets to their house, tutor Jenny for two hours, jump back on and drive back to the mall, cross the little bridge, and go home ( or more often, to Starbucks).

That routine ended tonight. We just had our last tutoring session. I still have one class to teach - so I will see Jenny on Friday. Then her father is driving me to the airport in Guangzhou on late Saturday night. We took pictures and video. I drank my usual several cups of tea and coffee that were poured for me ( and took my chewable multivitamin that her father offered me). They are really just nice people. They invited me to stay with them when I return to visit Foshan.

I'm also trying to see Lisa and Quinny before I go. Making plans is truly a test of sanity. Last night I drove across the edge again. My mental motor scooter, skidding and swirving, almost dumping the entire contents of my sanity into the great abyss. To start - working in China, is serious WORK. In general, most people only get one day off per week. Sometimes it changes each week - depending on what the company needs you for. Last week you were off on Tuesday, this week it's Friday. Jenny's father works everyday - no day off. He works " for the government". I'm still not sure exactly what he does, but he works in an office.

So- trying to "make plans" when you never know when someone will be off - is also a lot like playing that "New Choice" improv game. I hate playing this game when it combines the fact that I  #1. Have very little time left to see this person and #2. when I think that we will be able to get together on a certain day/night ... only to find out that we can't.

I was supposed to meet up with Lisa and Quinny today in Guangzhou. I had originally told Jenny's father that I would not be able to tutor Jenny tonight. ( but THAT changed). Then I received a QQ message from Quinny and Lisa telling me that Lisa's boss had moved her day off to Tuesday because there is some Land Rover car show going on in Guangzhou and she has to work late at it tonight and then work again tomorrow.


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