Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cherry tomatoes on your birthday cake.

In pajamas. eating an english muffin, an orange, and a cup of coffee, watching "House Hunters: International" on HGTV...

at 4:50pm on a Sunday.

Paying homage to the goddess of lounging.

Last night was my first night out in NYC since being back and I think, ( even though it only involved 3 glasses of wine over the course of the night) my body was not ready for a late night out.

I caught up with my friend Kate at The Flatiron Lounge over drinks ( "keep it simple white wine" for me) , then we went for an oyster/seafood dinner with 2 couples at another restaurant nearby, before settling in at Henrietta Hudson's ( as my first trip to a lesbian bar after a year without, I think Hens is pretty good re-introduction for anybody! )

for a little dancing and bottle popping ( and by "bottle", I'm talking about the plastic, 20 oz water bottle kind, earlier, my body had told me that it is still re-patriating to NYC drinking and that it was done with wine/liquor for the night. )

took a midnight train upstate and got home around 2am.

Today is Sunday. I'm noticing a pattern where, on the days when I'm home, not in NYC, I turn the day into a kind of "cram school" - my own little "buxiban". TEFL study/work, Mandarin Chinese study, some reading (current book - "China: Fragile Superpower- How China's Internal Politics Could Derail its Peaceful Rise" by Susan L. Shirk ) lather/rinse/repeat.

Oh, and QQ.
whether it's posting a "status update", posting pictures, talking with Metis or even talking with the mom of one of my old Pre-K2 kids ("Hannah's Mom" friended me on QQ) . There is always some QQ time worked into the day.  So I'm sure I'll get around to all of this at some point here - even though I got a late start on the day.

and yes, I'm completing a 120 hr TEFL ("Teaching English As A Foreign Language" - I'm sure you knew that. But if you're my parents, you didn't.)  course online, I don't think I talked about it much earlier, but I'd recommend it, if you are serious about getting into the ESL teaching world for more than a "year away/a year abroad". It helps to have, to open up the door to an increase of teaching opportunities, with potentially more money with credible schools. I have not been "to school" since 2003 - so this is definitely a "readjustment" in addition to coming home. Revisiting "conjunctions" and "prepositions" and "auxiliary verbs" in addition to learning some new ESL teaching tools ... I feel like I'M learning English all over again! LOL.

It makes me think of LISA and her desire to learn English .... I PRAY that she remains MOTIVATED and OPTIMISTIC and is kind and forgiving to herself in her learning everyday. I hope that she  just focuses on "the present" .... and doesn't worry about the "past tense" or the "future perfect"...

As far as my "everyday" here. It's been about two weeks home now. I still feel like a visitor here but at the same time I feel like I've only been away for a week. It's a strange combination - like pickles and ice cream. Or cherry tomatoes and birthday cake. ( I found this in China - a lot of the birthday cakes were cake/cream/ and fruit - and sometimes that "fruit" topping included cherry tomatoes).

Just still adjusting....

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