Sunday, June 10, 2012

Same conductor, different train.

So, quickly jumping onto a completely different train of thought ....

Earthquakes. Not metaphorical ones. ( silly Tori Amos!)  Real ones. ( looking at you California).

I felt my first earthquake tremor this morning (Taiwan time) around 1:30 am.
Not the kind of earthquake tremor that coffeeshop open mike poets go on about ....

a genuine tremor.

But it felt so surreal. I'm usually awake at 1am ( for example it is 1:59am right this minute and here I am wide awake) but yesterday I was exhausted. Saturdays are early days for all the teachers at my school. I only have two classes ( each two hours long) and I'm out by 5pm. But still, early days are hard.

So last night after work, I, for whatever reason, was hell bent on using the last drops of adrenaline that I was running on and went into Ximending to look for a few things #1 - the curry dumplings that I've recently fallen in love with ( found them), #2 the mango milk ice place ( didn't find it- and settled on a green tea frappucino from Starbucks ehhh... not as great.) and #3 an eyebrow waxing place ( didn't find IT - and from what I hear they are VERY rare. Waxing in general here is rare. Most people do "threading- but even that was hard to find) BUT I found a waxing  place online tonight - at wingsfly - ( click "English" and you can translate the page)  it's off of the Zhongshan Station MRT on the Red Line ( Exit 3). They wax EVERYTHING ... so hopefully I can walk in and get "wo de meimao" done tomorrow.

So last night, feeling exhausted and frustrated I took the subway home around 8pm. I crashed once I got home. A co-worker had invited me out around 10pm to go bowling and then for drinks for his birthday party ... but I was done. The one night that I did not stay up until 3am...

I was woken up by the rumbling. I remember hearing it and thinking "here it comes". Like being in the ocean, knowing the wave is coming and just diving under it, letting it do its thing and take you where it wants to.

I was lying in bed, half-awake, not even sure if this earthquake was real. Was I dreaming?

 It could have been a dream because let me tell you, at some point, lying there, when I went BACK to sleep I had a crazy dream about my mom, dad, and me and one pink and one green worm in our refrigerator at their house. We ( mostly I) at one point were holding them and then all of a sudden we were not. We knew that they were there and we were trying to find and save the lives of these worms.... ultimately accepting that they had died somewhere in the refrigerator.

I literally had to do a "google search" when I woke up to be SURE that the earthquake that I felt was real. That it happened before I had slipped off into the world of the completely unconscious and nonsensical. Google confirmed it. It WAS real. ( but there was NO damage, NO casualties ... I went out today and everything looks like it did yesterday. Everything's GOOD.)

It was just the weirdest night to have an earthquake. Why couldn't it have been a night like this? Like "every other night" here lately. When I'm completely wide awake ... "lucid" .... and aware of my real vs unreal surroundings?

I know that it happened -I know that it was real - half because I felt it and half because I read about it.
That just sums up .... everything.

Back on that OTHER train - I've changed my profile picture on QQ. To one of ME. Just me. It's me at Taipei 101. Not me and her. I'm thinking, maybe she was feeling a little pressure, a little self-conscious. Most people on QQ only have pictures of themselves or some sort of icon. I'm hoping maybe THAT'S why she didn't add me to her other QQ page. Maybe the possibility of having her friends seeing a picture of me and her together as "someone who has viewed her profile" she hesitated because she didn't want the questions .... questions that we don't have completely concrete answers to right now anyway.

Though we're not "friends" yet, I can see her "status update" on this profile and most recently she posted that she's "always so tired and never feels like she gets enough sleep.... never seems to get good sleep."

Believe me I'm SO on that train/in that boat too. My body is still adjusting. And my mind is trying to be still....

Ironically I only sleep through literal earthquakes. Seems an early day at work and a frustrating search for mango milk ice = the perfect night of crash/dead sleep.

I am going to have to recreate that formula in the near future. Without the earthquake part.

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