Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I Would Trade The World For.

An intense game of kickball in the backyard - that I'm pretty sure me and my 12 yr old teammate won playing against my friend and her 4 and 1/2 yr old teammate. :D  ..... UNO cards .... high fives.... italian pizzelle cookies and ice cream cake.... re-connecting hugs and conversation on the bed .....wiping away a 5 yr old tears - a stick of gum can be magical.... laughing and smiling. remembering ... who'd have thought you'd find your best days in middle school?

THAT'S what it's all about. Moments like these. Love. Connecting. Re-connecting. Empathy. Confessions.

Caught up in this kind of simple happiness, it's easy to lose yourself in it.

As much as I love traveling, learning, going out into the world. I would trade the world for a year's worth of moments like this. Then maybe after a year - go back to missing them, longing for them. But if I could, I'd wrap myself up in sunny, simple, happy times like these more often.

Ideally, I'd want both. BUT if I had to choose love or travel, I'd choose love.

No need for "da club" in Rio.
Cups of Rice Wine on the top of Mount Fuji.
gay pride celebrations in Mykonos.

Every day I typically google "China News" and "Taiwan News" to stay connected, to read what's going on. But this past Sunday and for the past few days since.... I haven't. Or I've been late. It's turned into yesterday's news.

The First

For one day I forgot about Taiwan.
For one day The Taipei Times, Shanghaiist, Focus Taiwan, China Post....

all international news
became irrelevant.

The KMT surrendered? What? ...  Cual? I mean,... Shenme?
H&M opened ...zai where? Donde? ummmm. great. hao.

Wrapping myself up

in the familiar cocoon of long ago- but still- local

the internet was dead to me.
I flatlined.
The CCP censors lit incense, visited the grave of my internet activity, and wiped me off their chart


I honestly didn't care what was

happening. outside
of her hug.

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